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The one and only Thunderbolt is the original self-tapping anchor with the power to be used on a whole range of construction materials, including concrete, stone, brick and block. A truly versatile anchor, the Thunderbolt is also available in Galvanised format, giving it the added power to last longer in environments with a corrosive atmosphere, such as coastal, marine and industrial locations. The threaded anchor and self-tapping action allows for safe anchorage, with the substrate becoming the nut to the bolt. Installation is quick and easy, making it the ideal general purpose anchor, even on temporary jobs, as itís completely removable. Using standard sized drill bits, the Thunderbolt is the cost effective fix for any job.
Excellent for hardwoods, MDF and decking, wood to plastic and wood to sheet metal. The unique design and features make these technically advanced screws suitable for multi applications.
- Recessed countersunk
- Sharp milling nibs
- Double countersunk head
- Sharp, wide and deep thread
- Sawfix, wide and deep thread
- Oblique angle gash point
- Sharp gash point
Millions of Kliplok pipe clips have been used with confidence for over 25 years, because the trade knows that when you're in a fix and need a product you can rely on, Unifix Kliplok is always by your side.
- Made from quality heavy grade heat-resistant polypropylene
- Unique hinge design allows for repeated opening & closing with 360 retention
- Single screw fixing means clip can be fixed to wall with pipes in place
- Patented self-locking mechanism allows for full retention of the pipe
- Available in both single and double formats
- Complemented by a range of accessories designed to provide a complete pipe fixing solution.
- Cable ties and accessories
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- Pipe and cable clips
- Plasterboard fixings
- Wall plugs and cable tackers
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